Boynton Uke Society* wants Y O U!

Boynton Uke Society aka The BUS

YOU and your uke…are invited to Share the Good Times

Boynton Beach * Delray Beach * Boca Raton

All ukulele enthusiasts are welcome – NO MUSICAL EXPERIENCE required.

In addition to lots of joyous playtime, The BUS offers offers easy to progressively

more challenging music from the BUS songbook — the only book you need.

BUS members enjoy

1)  growing Newbies,

2)  rocking with Advanced players,

3)  banding together with ALL in General Playtimes and Socials

Boynton Uke Society Playtimes – UNLESS otherwise notified

1st & 3rd Tuesday of month 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm  …. breakouts announced separately

Always check our Facebook Group page for Updates &/Or cancellations

Always bring:

1) Your Favorite ukulele

2) Uke tuner (BUS offers great tuners for $10 (total) includes battery

3) BUS songbook (what! No BUS songbook? Email Donna

4) Music stand to prop BUS songbook



2 thoughts on “Boynton Uke Society* wants Y O U!

  1. Dear Donna,
    I’m a snowbird returning North shortly. I own three ukes from my late father’s estate. One of them is a Martin of Nazareth, PA, which is in mint condition, including the original case, probably purchased in 1920’s. The other one – same vintage, is a Lyon Healy, but needs some work. The third is a banjo uke but contains no manufacturer’s name. I had them examined by an expert in my locality and he was very impressed by the Martin instrument and thought it quite valuable. If there is genuine interest in purchasing these instruments, I could bring them back with me when I return tod Delray in October. Jim Schober.


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